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Travel Partner Business Requirement

(1) Generals

1.1 FirstNation will only recognise and engaged in a business relationship with registered travel agencies after evaluation of their application.

1.2 FirstNation will only recognize and allow into her premisesto transact business staff(s) of IATA licensed agencies identified by photo card I.D of their agencies.

1.3 FirstNation will only authorise web access and BSP ticket authority to IATA licenced travel agents who are able to produce evidence of ownership of such reservation to be ticketed by presenting a typed and validated Local Purchased Order (LPO) bearing its name and address.

1.4 In accordance with FirstNation’s reservation policy, it is imperative for IATA licensed travel partners to liaise with GDS providers (TravelPort-Nigeria) to update their systems accordingly to reflect current details of their agencies. FirstNation will not regard any travel partner who fails to comply with section 1.1 to 1.4 above.

(2) Professional Conduct Within FirstNation Premises

2.1 All staff of travel agencies are expected to conduct themselves in a most civil and orderly manner while within the premises of FirstNation Airways (SS) Limited.

2.2 To facilitate being attended to promptly and professionally, agency representatiove(s) are requested to take a number from the queue system machine positioned in the travel centre on the 1st floor of FirstNation Plaza.

2.3 Travel Partners are advised to solicit the assistance of FirstNation staff in the event of any difficult issue arising but should not offer any gift/money to either speed up due process or resolve such issues. Difficult issues can either be referred or directed to the Ticketing Supervisor or the Manager. An incidence of offering incentive will be treated seriously. It can also be emailed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

2.4 It is unacceptable for atravel agent to poach a direct customer or come along with their clients to transact business including credit card clients or else such clients will be treated as a direct customer and refer such as ticketing Supervisor/Manager.

2.5 It is unacceptable for a travel partner to leave any package containing their business tools with any FirstNation staff for safe keeping at any time within FirstNation’s premises.

2.6 Travel partners are expected to remain civil at all times throughout the period of transaction over the counter. FirstNation will treat all indecorous acts against any staff or appointed representative(s) as a physical threat/assault and will not hesitate to take such up accordingly.

2.7 Travel partners are entitled to full and cordial service and where you feel you are being denied this entitlement, please demand to see the manager immediately with the details. Complaints can also be made in writing.

2.8 FirstNation will not regard any travel partner who fails to comply with section 2.1 to 2.8 above.

(3) Reservation Rules

3.1 All requests for a reservation either via telephone or directly in any of our offices in Nigeria must contain the following essential information:
a. Passenger’s full names and not initials
b. Ages of Children/infants.
c. Telephone number(s) and agency’s name
d. Name of the agency staff making reservation.
e. Travel itinerary.
3.2 Only the travel agency responsible for making a reservation or mentioned in a booking can make enquiries or changes to the reservation and have tickets issued to them.
3.3 If the tickets are to be issued to another IATA licenced travel agents, this must be specified at the point of making the reservation.

(4) Reservation Rules With Use of Web Engine and GDS System

4.1 All reservation in your offices with your own GDS System must contain the following essential information:
a. Passenger’s full names and not initials.
b. Dates of Birth of all children/infants.
c. Your current telephone number (s) and agency name.
d. Name of agency staff
e. Passenger’s telephone numbers at origin and destination travel.
f. Accurate itinerary as advised by client(s)
g. The correct booking classes for the fare type advised.

4.2 Firstnation as the airline reserves the right to cancel a reservation if it is detected that your business contact number is wrong or false and cannot be reached.

4.3 The following acts by travel agents will result in the cancellation of the whole reservation and FirstNation is not under any obligation to contact the travel agency before cancelling the booking.
a. Reservations with multiple confirmed sectors.
b. Change of name on bookings 
c. Duplicate bookings (different bookings with different PNRs booked with same date and same travel itinerary) will have one of the bookings cancelled.
d. Inserting fictitious ticket number(s) on bookings. To avoid cancellation, all full names and not initials must be entered into the reservation for all customers since many customers may have the same surname and initials. Also confirm previous similar travel plans with another travel agency from your clients.

4.4 Passengers contact details must be correctly entered in the OSI field for accessibility in the event of any need to communicate flight or schedule change or other vital information to the passenger(s). Failure to do this will shift the full responsibility of avoidable circumstances to travel agency.

4.5 To cancel.
a. Remove any inactive segments from PNRs
b. Release all unwanted reservations or waitlists.
c. Cancellation of a segment also results in the cancellation of attendant SSRs.
FirstNation reserves the right to discontinue with or deal with any travel partner, who fails to comply with section 4.4 and 4.5.

(5) Ticket Sales (By Travel Agents)

5.1 All licensed travel agencies coming to issue tickets on FirstNation must bring the following:
a. Travel Agency ID card
b. Duty validated and typed LPO with all travel details and PNR from the same agency.
c. A copy of data page of International passport with visa page.
d. Failure to bring along the items listed above will result in non-issuance of the required ticket(s) by FirstNation.

(6) Ticket Sales (By The Ticket Stock Holders)

6.1 E-Tickets issued to passengers MUST contain the correct booking class codes. Should a higher booking class be issued on a lower class, the travel agency would be notified to pay the ADM difference in fare within two days. For the next day flight, payment must be made immediately at the point of purchase or at the airport desk before accepting the passenger on the flight. Failure to meet the deadline will result in charging the travel agency a penalty of US100.00. After three occurrences, the travel agency will be inhibited from viewing all FIRSTNATION flights within their GDS or booking engine and the system will generate auto ADM and advise the Travel Agent of the amount and may also have her agency agreement status reviewed.
6.2 Inputting fictitious ticket numbers in bookings is unacceptable. Any booking with fictious ticket number(s) will be cancelled without prior warning to the travel agent. If booking is captured as a no-show post departure, the travel agent shall be liable for the full value of the ticket and payment made within two days of being notified. Default will result in the agent being banned from transacting business with FIRSTNATION. After three occurences, the travel agency will be inhibited from viewing FIRSTNATION flights within the web engine, GDS and may have her agency agreement terminated.
6.3. Inputting multiple ticket numbers in bookings is unacceptable. Any booking with multiple ticket number(s) will be cancelled without prior warning to the travel agent. Once this is discovered, the agency will be fined US100.00 and payment made with 2 days. Default will result in further penalties and after three similar occurences, the travel agency will be inhibited from viewing all FIRSTNATION flights via the web within their GDS and may have her agency agreement terminated.
6.4 It is unacceptable to issue tickets with incorrect booking status e.g OK on ticket but HL or HR on the system. Erring agent will be liable to a fine of US100.00 and payment made within 2 days. After three occurences, the travel agency will be barred from viewing FIRSTNATION flights via the web with their GDS and may have her agency agreement status reviewed. The PNR must be correctly written on all manual tickets issued. Erring agent will be liable to a fine of US100.00 and payment made within 2 days. Default will attract further sanctions.
6.5 It is unacceptable to issue tickets with incorrect travel dates as this puts on unfortunate constraint on the passenger as well as creating a difficult siyuation at the airport. Erring agent will be liable to a fine of US100.00 and payment made withing 2days. Default will attract further sanctions. After three similar occurences, the travel agency will have her agency agreement status reviewed.
6.6 All sales restrictions on special tickets must be accurately indicated e.g non refundable. Erring agent will be liable to a fine of US100.00 and payment made within two days. Default will attract further sanctions. After three similar occurences, the travel agent will have her agency agreement reviewed.
6.7 FirstNation will only accept other airlines tickets, which have correctly been endorsed over to FIRSTNATION by other airlines. The use of fictitious ticket numbers of other airlines to protect FIRSTNATION booking is unacceptable and all penalties contained in section 6.2 shall apply. Such endorsed airline ticket must be presented to FIRSTNATION office within 24 hours of the reservation being made or have the booking cancelled.

(7) Time Limit

7.1 All bookings made directly with FIRSTNATION either via telephone or over ticketingcounter, tickets must be issued and paid for in accordance with the reservation made for the passenger within the specified time limits but not exceeding 72hours before departure.
7.2 Please note that the reservation ticketing time limit rule above cannot be maneuvered and failure to adhere strictly to this rule will result in the cancellation of the booking.
7.3 Once a booking has been cancelled, the PNR becomes invalid and will be rejected by the system. A new booking must be made.

(8) E-Ticket Sales Procedure (FirstNation Ticket Authorisation for Agents Only)

8.1 The prerogative to grant an IATA agent e-ticket via direct ticketing via FirstNATION web or BSP ultimately rest on FIRSTNATION. FIRSTNATION also reserves the right to withdraw her ticket authority from any agency who fails to adhere strictly to the terms set out in this document.
Payment Procedures:
a. Payment for all tickets sold must be effected through auto direct debit mandate to FirstNation or via IATA BSP.
b. Only drafts made payable to FirstNation Airways (SS) Limited are acceptable.
c. For withholding taxes, bank draft should be made available to Federal Board of Inland Revenue.
Refunds Rules for Agents with FIRSTNATION E-Ticket Authority
Agents are not allowed to process refunds on tickets. They are however required to obtain the refund procedure from the web portal. Check refund web site.
a. All request for refund must be processed via BSP or web engine and credit note will be guaranteed in favour of agency for all due credits.
b. Fully unused ticket submitted for refunds including any ticket not cancelled prior to departure date will attract in addition to the applicable service charges, a no-show penalty of US100.00.
c. Except where flight(s) are cancelled by FIRSTNATION, all applicable service charges will be deductible from any ticket submitted for refunds.

(9) Medical Assistance for Passengers

9.1 In accordance with the International Safety Procedures, FIRSTNATION reserves the right not to accept on board any passenger, who has been certified ‘’not fit to fly’’ by a medical doctor or FIRSTNATION medical consultants.

9.2 All travel partners should ensure their customers report all medical issues, which may affect their travel by air or require them to need medical assistance while on board.

9.3 For customers travelling on medical grounds or may need some form of assistance while on board, travel partners should request for a medical assistance form from FIRSTNATION.The form is available on request and must be completed by the passenger, confirmed by his/her medical doctor and returned to FIRSTNATION.

9.4 Medical requests must be made not later than three days before planned departure to allow sufficient time to obtaina clearance from FIRSTNATION medical consultants and travel partners are advised to wait for a confirmation before purchasing or issuing a ticket.

9.5 Please note that medical request that failed to meet the above procedure will not be confirmed. Any travel partner who ignores the medical request procedure and sells the ticket to a passenger who requires medical/ physical assistance while on board thereby disrupting a flight either by delaying, diversion to another airport for an emergency landing or any other related disruptions or impact will be liable to a fine up to USD500.00.

(10) Booking Unaccompanied Minor (UMNR)

10.1 All Children aged 12, up to and including the day prior to their 16th birthday will have the SSR code UMNR added to their booking even if they require no assistance. They will be required to complete the appropriate Unaccompanied Minor Declaration Form (UMD). This is to ensure that the proposed trip is duly authorised by the parent/guardian and for the ground staff/cabin crew to be aware of the young person and consider their welfare especially in a disrruption or diversion.
10.2 All unaccompanied Minors must be advised that its mandatory for their parent/guardian to complete the declaration. FIRSTNATION reserves the right to refuse travel if the declaration form is not completed and signed by the parent/guardian, for safety and security reasons.
10.3 Immediately an UMNR booking is made with the child’s correct age, it is the responsibility of the travel agent to call FIRSTNATION requesting and ensuring the confirmation of the UMNR booking status. If the flight is fully booked, FIRSTNATION will contact the agency to advice and request a change of date of the travel and in event that the agency cannot be reached by FIRSTNATION. The agency must find a way to contact FIRSTNATION before ticket is issued.
On receiving FIRSTNATION confirmation, the agent can go ahead and issue the ticket. Bear in mind that all UMNR passengers pay the fulladult fare even if the UMNR’s age is less than 12 years. Any violation to this rule will attract a penalty of US150.00.
The travel agent must ensure that the required information on the UMNR declaration form is supplied accurately and duly signed. After completion and issuance of ticket, the throughout the journey and handled over the cabin crew.
Failure to follow the outlined guidelines may result in non boarding of the UMNR and the agency severely dealt with.

(11) Miscellaneous

11.1 Validity and Termination
This agreement may be termination by the either party giving the other 30days (period of notice) with prior written notice.
11.2 Duty of Sales Agent
The basic duty of the agent shall be the sales of transportation and promotion of sales on the regular air services of the principal.
11.3 Irregularities 
In cases of Irregularity, the agent shall be given a notice of irregularity and thereafter if the situation is not corrected, the agent ia declared in default. This requirement is without prejudice to the principal’s right to pursue other legal means of remedy.
11.4 Modifications of or additions to this agreement must be approved in writing by the responsible official of both parties and shall be thereafter be attached to this agreement as ‘’Amendments’’.
In our mutual interest, the agent shall maintain best industry practice.

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