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Overbooking Policy




1. 1       In order to minimize the effect of “no-show,” and to enable their seats to be used by passengers who otherwise would not be able to travel on their chosen flight, FirstNation Airways and most major airlines may overbook service.  By careful monitoring and control we do our utmost to match the number of available seats to the number of passengers that we expect will appear for the flight. Overbooking helps fill seats on popular flights: On average 20% of passengers do not show up for their reserved flight.

1.2        Overbooking gives passengers more freedom:

Passengers can make reservations on more than one flight free of charge, so overbooking is the airline's means of dealing with this in an economical way.

1.3        Overbooking reduces environmental pollution:

A higher number of seats can be sold to satisfy passenger demand, without the need to schedule more planes, thus reducing pollution and air traffic congestion.

1.4        Firstnation is taking all necessary steps to reduce the number of boarding incidents:

The airlines have invested in forecasting systems to anticipate cases of no-show passengers at check-in.

1.5        If you volunteer to postpone your flight

a.   We will organize a new flight for you.

b.   We provide you with the usual assistance in the event of flight delays.

1.6        If you do not volunteer to postpone your flight, or if you do not travel in your chosen class, you will receive compensation in  accordance with legislation.


1.7         Please note that in the event of a downgrade from Business Class to Economy, we will offer refund of the fare difference  through the medium payment was made for the ticket

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