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Guidelines for Cargo Partners

The following guidelines are very important and must be carefully adhered to by all shippers:

  1. All shippers must complete a shipper note of advice.
  2. FirstNation Airways do not accept any hazardous or dangerous goods or materials.
  3. All functions reservation will be invoice.
  4. All freights must be delivered six hours prior to their flight for domestic flights and will be stripped searched.  We mean stripped search in the presence of the shipper.
  5. All freights will be weighed to get their proper dimension and calculate cargo rate.
  6. For current cargo rate, please click.
  7. All freights must be properly packed and sealed.  We will not accept any loose or non properly packaged freight on any our flights. Perishable Food items are not acceptable on all flights.
  8. Please read the condition of carriage.

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