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Aircraft Fleet

FirstNation will operate a fleet of modern aircraft, ensure that they are maintained to world class standard using the aviation industry's best practices and highest scrutiny. One of our main objectives is to continue to modernize our aircraft fleet, launching with a fleet of Airbus A319 aircraft. These aircaft offer good passenger comfort and travel experience.

Airbus A319 Family Aircraft

Airbus A319 Family – The Best Selling Aircraft Ever!

The aircraft is the cornerstone of Airbus A319 family aircraft and bestselling airbus single aisle family of aircraft with over 4,200 aircraft sold worldwide as at November 2010. The A319 family is the undisputable leader in the single aisle jet liner.

This prestigious aircraft is coming into Nigeria for the first time after a pain staking certification process for almost one year. This will be the first Airbus A319 aircraft certified post Nigeria’s attainment of United States FAA Category A rating. The aircraft was subjected to the highest scrutiny by the Civil Aviation Authority and came out above peers in every area evaluated. We are pleased to offer our valued passengers this magnificent aircraft.

The aircraft is no doubt one of the most successful aircraft in the world and used by major airlines such as Air France, British Airways, Lufthansa, Swiss Air, US Airways, and JetBlue, Qatar etc.

The A319 provides better cabin comfort, the widest cabin in its class, better baggage and cargo handling, coupled with maximum operational flexibility on short and medium haul routes than  any aircraft in its class.  This aircraft is environmental friendly with low emission.

FIRSTNATION A319 aircraft are configured into two classes of Business class and Comfort class with better leg room than any aircraft in its class.  Our A319 come with Air show and inflight entertainment with all seats in new leather etc.  We have raised the bar!

We invite you to come on Board and experience this magnificent airplane.

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